Pure Light Water

      How PURE Is YOUR Water?

Instead of Treating Water…Let it Treat You!!

Why drink ‘LIGHT WATER’?

The only true oxygenated water that really puts oxygen in the bloodstream is PURE ESSENTIALS LIGHT WATER. Did you know that the water Americans are drinking will not hydrate their body? Mild dehydration can slow down the metabolism by 3%. Just by drinking light water daily it can help you lose weight, ideal amount is 5 glasses a day. However, drinking LIGHT Water does so much more than help you lose weight it helps to decrease risk of colon cancer by 45% and breast cancer by 79% and 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer. LIGHT Water also increases circulation for diabetics. LIGHT Water is great for the blood cells by filling the cells with more water ensuring the cells don’t’ stick together and flow easily throughout the body.

Blood flow and high blood oxygen content are key to prevent diseases.

This product is also COST EFFECTIVE, rather than buying every ounce of water you drink you simply mix one ounce of PURE ESSENTIALS LIGHT Water into a gallon of your drinking water.

Water Type Hydrogen Bond Angle Will it kill pathogens
Light Water 114 degrees Yes
Steam 120 degrees Yes
Ordinary Water 104 degrees No
Distilled Water 101 degrees No

New discovery! “LIGHT” water. Our light water produces great blood flow and high blood oxygen that can cure anything (according to Washington Post). Also, by changing water properties, this is the only water that destroys pathogenic bacteria (infectious bacteria), the H1N1 virus.

Our blood is 94% water, and with PURE WATER the hydrogen bond has been changed to allow the water to easily go through a membrane while producing  amazing results.  Health is all about blood flow.  Persons with Diabetes, Heart and Circulatory problems, prostate enlargement all show immediate results from proper blood flow.

This amazing new technology of heating and cooling water actually changes the Hydrogen Bond Angle so our blood can now pick up more oxygen out of the lungs and carry it easily through cell walls and truly bring about a high blood oxygen content.

UCLA Medical School M.D.: “we tested every type of water to see which water produces the best blood flow to the extremities…nothing comes even close to your water.”

The UCLA Medical School study produced an even more astounding discovery and confirmation as to why our water ‘cures anything’: at 114 degrees, our hydrogen bong angle is greater than ordinary water at 104 degrees and hydrogen peroxide at 111 degrees that kills viruses and bacteria. However, you cant drink hydrogen peroxide straight but you can drink our water and produce better results because you are also producing great blood flow. Also our water is just below ozone at 114 degrees… and the PURE WATER is 827 times purer than the tap water actually removing bacteria, pathogens, hormones and medications that are present in all tap water in this country.

Unlike others water companies, we start and stop the boiling three times per minute to lower the steam velocity and pollutant carryover while breaking down the hydrogen bonds so it will easily go through a membrane disease regardless of purity. Since humans are 75% water, the only way to kill pathogenic bacteria or a virus and cure anything is to remove them before they express themselves, by recycling the water hundreds of times not just once.

ultraviolet bulbs in our boiler produces O3 that quickly breaks down into much needed oxygen and nascent oxygen. Scientists know if you combine two substances the resulting substance will acquire those properties. That’s why when using a proprietary method that recycles water hundreds of times per gallon to eliminate unwanted properties, our water (with 114 degree molecular bond angle) takes on the properties of O3 and hydrogen peroxide. Like a UCLA M.D. said, “The results speak for themselves!” As a result, we have the only water that stops disease.

Bottled water and water purifiers and filters do not remove disease markers from the water.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Pure Water is the water that has gone through our machines and been processed down to the point all you do is add 1 ounce pure water to 1 gallon drinking water.  Thank that is the water you drink.  Its that simple.  No need to buy this by the gallon, you purchase it by 16oz or 32oz bottles and make from 16 to 32 gallons pure drinking water.

Cost: 16 ounce Pure Water $21.00   32 ounce Pure Water $42.00.  This will give you 16 to 32 gallons of Pure water with a hydrogen bond of 114 and allow the body to rehydrate itself with water full of oxygen.

 The only true oxygenated water that really puts oxygen into the bloodstream.

What can you expect when you drink this Pure Water?

Pure Water immediately effects the red blood cells.  They become more plump, do not clump together and flow easily through the body.  You will experience better blood flow, thus arteries will not clog, pathogens will be attacked by the oxygen in the blood stream.  You will have better oxygen flow throughout the body, thus clearer thinking, warm fingers and toes, lack of headaches. Prostate trouble for men will almost immediately get better.  Diabetics will get renewed circulation. You will not get out of breath as easily as before.  Kidneys will reactivate and you will see increased waste water elimination.

Blood Flow and High Blood oxygen content are key to prevent disease.