Out with the old in with the NEW

Pure Essentials is proud to announce we have a new, concentrated powder that provides you and your family with all the goods to stay healthy, thriving, and energetic. This all in one powder is in a convenient size that fits in any cupboard and is safe for everyone in the family.

If you do not know if a multi vitamin is the right choice for your family, here are a few signs of vitamin deficiencies:

Brittle, weak hair and nails
Fatigue and low motivation
Hair loss or thinning hair
Frequent illness
Impaired brain function
Muscle weakness
Restless leg syndrome or muscle cramps
Frequent migraines or headaches
Bleeding gums or mouth ulcers
Patchy, flaky skin

Mega Multi is equipped with:
Calcium Hydroxyapetite, the most absorbable form of calcium to keep the structure system strong, the muscles growing, and the organs functioning.

There is no iron in our mixture so it is safe for babies, children, and adults.

Vitamin D- for health hair, skin, and nails. This also helps to absorb the minerals, calcium and magnesium to best allow for a strong structural system and great organ health.

Magnesium Oxide, this is the best form of magnesium, sure to not cause loose bowels, and promote a healthy structure and connective tissue system. Magnesium is one of the most under appreciated minerals yet the most utilized in our bodies. Having the most absorbable form as well as the best form for our bodies is of the utmost importance.

Protein-it is rare to find a multi vitamin to have protein in it, but Pure Essentials has it covered. This way it is great for children’s growing bodies as well as adults on the go. It may even help with natural weight loss.

B-Vitamins-essential for the nervous system, we have included all the b vitamins the body needs. This will aid in mood improvement, nerve health, and boost energy.

Multivitamins-to boost overall wellness and aid in immune support to keep the family happy and healthy all year round.

Herbs-to remind the bodily systems and organs to function at their optimal ability. This allows the body to heal itself and keep the immune system, digestive system, cardio vascular system, and elimination system working in unison to keep you as healthy as possible.

To top it off, the taste is incredible. Children love it, adults enjoy it, how can you say no this such a powerhouse products….oh and yes, the price is family friendly.

Due to this being a concentrated dose, it will last 3 months for children 10 and under, 2 months for children in their teens and 1 month for adults.
This is our best product to date that is a one and done for families of all sizes. Save money and build health.

This product will be replacing our Tasty Vitamin Mix.