Prior to conception, it is a good idea to detox the body. If the body is toxic when pregnancy occurs it is common to have bad morning sickness. So in order to have a better chance at a healthy and easy pregnancy.
We recommend the Whole Body Detox when trying to conceive or prior to trying. This will help rid the body of parasites, yeast, and excess toxins. This allows both mama and baby to get through the pregnancy without yeast or parasites.

Achieving Pregnancy:
Both husband and wife need to take:
Vitamin E- 800IU daily (2 softgels)
Vitamin A&D-50,000IU A and 5,000IU D
The woman needs to take:
Licorice Root, False Unicorn, and Ginger Root-take 2 droppers or 1/4th teaspoon twice daily.
Folic Acid-take 1 tablet daily
Prenatal Vitamins-take 3 tablets daily.
The husband needs to take:
Male Plus and Saw Palmetto-2 droppers or 1/4th teaspoon, three times daily.

After you have conceived:
For the duration of your pregnancy:
Xodine-3 drops daily
Supreme Greens-2 tablespoon daily.

Months 6-9 add:
Coral Calcium: 1500mg
Magnesium: 750mg
Evening Primrose Oil-4 softgels daily.

Last 6 weeks:
Birthing Blend daily for an easier and faster birth.

What to take after you have had the baby:
After Baby-take 2 teaspoons twice daily for up to 2 years after you had the baby.

After Pains if you’re experiencing pain from child birth afterwards.

It takes the body 2 years to recover after giving birth. If you have had a miscarriage it is important to rebuild the body before getting pregnant again.
To rebuild:
Mega Daily:1 scoop daily
Coral Calcium: 4 capsules daily
Omega’s (Hemp Seed Oil is best)-1 tablespoon daily
Hydrolyzed Collagen:1/2 scoop in the evening before bed.
Miscarriage Prevention- 2 droppers three times daily.