Whenever matched and you can displayed while the area-to-part, triangles portray sexual partnership as well as the principle off harmony

Whenever matched and you can displayed while the area-to-part, triangles portray sexual partnership as well as the principle off harmony

The purpose-down triangle can portray female time, and you will h2o and you will planet try feminine issue. Symbols to possess heavens and you can fire try shaped regarding part-down triangles; point-down triangles can also be depict the fresh origin to your bodily world.

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The latest cross is the best known in Religious context due to the fact a icon regarding give up and you will salvation making reference to Jesus’ dying because of the crucifixion. This new mix has its own almost every other spiritual significance, most of which mirror groups of four, comparable to the brand new four things towards the cross.

Crosses aren’t portray our planet together with physical universe, especially in West society, generally regarding a few relationships: the newest five actual factors (earth, liquids, heavens, and fire) in addition to five cardinal directions (northern, south, east, and you can western). The new astrological icon to possess Planet is a mix inside a group. It icon, also known as a sun mix otherwise solar power controls, could have been with the sunshine and its particular five season.


Pythagoras associated the brand new rectangular for the no. 4, which amount in many countries is frequently of this point things-bodily issue, compass recommendations, and you can seasons. Ergo, squares and you may crosses usually are utilized as signs of the procedure community. not, squares features graphic solidness that crosses run out of. A rectangular have frequency; it includes area.

Squares show solidity, a perfection that’s static, dependable, earthly and you will topic. Into the Hinduism, the latest rectangular stands for cosmic order in addition to balance regarding opposites; within the Local American religions, the square stands for permanence, a rut. Inside the Chinese symbolism, the fresh square represents the earth. In lots of of numerous countries, a square was a conference put, a retail center in the middle from an area.


The five-directed star, named an effective pentagram, has been used having millennia from the numerous cultures. Five-indicated superstars can be found inside Mesopotamia on the 4th century BCE; celebrities can be used when you look at the conmad mentioned that this new superstar represented “the cheerful pledge, the beauty of point and you will object, as well as the white of our own belief during the Jesus.”

Most spends from inside the Western community come off occult life, plus in Wicca, new pentagram was symbolic of shelter and you can caution, while in Satanism it means the fresh Goat. Pythagoras related the quantity 5 with the star; the fresh new Mah Jong ceramic tiles marked a great five-directed star is short for the amount six.

To help you Pythagoras, a great four-indicated superstar represented the 5 facets that make up people: flames, water, sky, environment, and you can heart. The newest pentagram is even the state icon of one’s Baha’i trust.

Heptagram /

Seven-pointed superstars are known as heptagrams otherwise s; the serious heptagram, revealed right here, additionally the obtuse heptagram. On the other hand, the fresh heptagon-a great eight-sided polygon-normally portray a similar things once the heptagrams.

The ancient world-recognized just seven “planets” besides Planet: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and you may Saturn, and the moon and you will sun. Uranus, Neptune, and you will Pluto are not visible to the brand new naked eye meaning that unknown. This new heptagram commonly shows such seven planets, plus western occultism, expertise was in fact often centered astrological correspondences of them seven circumstances. It absolutely was believed that per globe radiated particular affects. Knowledge those individuals influences ‘s the arena of astrology.

As worlds is actually illustrated just as about heptagram, the new symbol is going to be off balance, equally symbolizing the fresh new 7 higher vitality out-of planetary secret.

Eight combines pairing brand new numbers step three (spirituality, dealing with the latest Religious trinity) and you may cuatro (physicality, writing about the fresh four elements therefore the four cardinal recommendations), that will and additionally show universal equilibrium.

The latest positioning of your own 7-section initiate can also be essential in this new occult world. Around three things over five can represent spirit governing number, if you’re five issues more three is going to be physicality governing spirit.