We specialize in Iridology (Eye Readings), Voice Bio Readings, Live and Dry Blood Cell Testing, Psych-K Testing, and soon we will be providing the Emotional Code where we can help you process through emotions that are hindering your ability to heal. Health is a holistic, we use these readings to get a whole body analysis so we can better provide you with the herbs needed to help you achieve your desired health goals. These are non invasive and interactive. You can see how your blood flows in live time in your body, watch how your voice carries frequencies from each organ, and wash away those trapped emotions. We want you to heal from the inside out and these services allow you and us to not waste time guessing what to do for any condition.

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The following Iridology chart was developed by one of the leading practitioners of Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen. It is a helpful tool for understanding your health in a holistic way.