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Pure Essentials is an all natural health company, delivering all natural, organic, non-GMO and soy free herbs and vitamins.

Pure Essentials is a family owned and operated company that promises more than good health, we act as your family as well. We are devoted to helping everyone reach their optimal health. We take pride in having the high quality and most potent herbs on the market. Our primary goal has always been to supply the best liquid herbs and vitamins at an affordable price on the market today.

We are registered with and regulated by the FDA to assure the purest quality products. We strictly keep our quality control standards high.

What sets Pure Essentials apart from all other health companies? Pure Essentials has a unique extraction method and we do not use alcohol as our preservative. We understand many cannot take alcohol related supplements therefore; ensure it is safe for everyone, including infants. We do not use heat extraction and have whole herb, tinc/trac liquids. It is vital to keep the whole herb intact, to receive the greatest amount of benefits from each herb.

Health has been a part of the Pure Essentials family for more than thirty years. We understand the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul and we are here to provide supplements for your body, a friend for your mind and compassion for your soul. We are more than just a healthy company, we are a devoted friend whom is also looking out for you and your families health needs.

We also offer custom formulations, packaging and labeling, in either liquid, powder or capsule products. Tell us what you are looking for and we can supply you with small or large batches under your own private label.

We ask that you come join one of the most compassionate companies, where we care not only for your health but about your life. Call us to see why thousands have turned to Pure Essentials for their one stop health shop. Help us help you find your “health for life”.

To receive wholesale pricing, one order a month must be made. All retail stores and distributors will receive a 30% discount on retail prices; orders over $1,000 will receive a 40% discount off retail prices and receive free shipping.